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Our typical client is excited to meet like-minded singles outside their social circles, but is too busy to actively use dating apps. They are however ready to invest time into building a partnership with their special person.

We work with clients who are  happy, ambitious, conscientious people ready to build an equal and mutually inspiring partnership. I meet most of our clients via referral, and accept amazing people as clients regardless of gender or orientation.

We don't post photos or identifiable information about my clients online. But if/when you are selected as a match for one of my clients, an optional photo exchange is typically offered.

ABOUT Cynthia


Before discovering my passion for matchmaking, I  earned my Juris Doctorate in intellectual property law, and studied behavioral genetics in undergrad. I never imagined I'd someday apply my "left brain" to  the dating industry. But it turned out to be one of the most challenging and rewarding roles I've had.


I started my journey in matchmaking as one of the earliest matchmakers at what is now the nation's largest matchmaking firm. When I began,  we were a small team working out of the founder's loft apartment.  Within my first six months matchmaking, I became the #1 grossing matchmaker at the agency and remained so during the multiple years I was full time there, going on to become the agency's longest-tenured matchmaker. The past seven years has been an adventure working behind the scenes while the the matchmaking industry evolved from  a niche service into an increasingly popular way to date.

Today, I still apply the same logic-based mindset to my dating advice and matching that I used when I started as  a matchmaker. But am lucky to now have thousands of prior matches to draw from when helping new clients.




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Welcome to my 
dating boutique

 I'm a referral-based matchmaker with seven years prior experience at the US's largest matchmaking firmWelcome to my private practice.


Singles invited by me or my existing members are eligible for free matchmaking memberships.

Complete the questionnaire below to apply for free matches with my wonderful clients.

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Payment info not required.

My mission in private practice

As a #1 performer and the longest tenured matchmaker at the US's largest matchmaking firm, I got a bird's eye view of modern dating, via the thousands of singles I matched across the U.S. 


In my private practice, my team works with just a few clients at a time, creating a more bespoke service: 


Hand-selected singles.  We are invite-only and referral-based to ensure every member is someone amazing. 

Custom. I tailor a plan for each client's unique situation.  Unlike at big firms, our clients are not stuck with blind dates (unless they want them),  algorithm-matching,  or one-size-fits-all methods.

Privacy. My membership list is confidential, and clients can choose to view/share photos before dates (or not). 

Quality OVER speed

Our goal is to get you to a few incredible matches in due time, not speed-dating you through several dozen meh ones. So we work with just a few clients at a time, and invite clients to join from the waitlist when the time is right.

If you're not my client,  you can be considered  as a match for my clients by joining my private singles database (free by invitation).

How it works


Join my private database. For matchmakers' eyes only.

FREE VERSION  If your membership is approved, I'll consider you for free matches with my paid clients.  

PAID VERSION If you prefer my team actively work toward finding matches for you, join my waitlist to become a paid client. 




Go enjoy your life!

When there's a potential match, we'll contact you to chat about it.

No pressure.

Free members can decline any match.

You'll have a video chat with my team before finalizing your first match. 

Refer a few friends

while you wait.




 when/if there's a mutual fit with a paid client, we'll set you up at no charge! 



 we source & screen matches on your behalf, from a variety of channels.


we use confidential feedback after dates to adjust your matches over time, and help you evolve as a dater.

My most recent in-person speaking event, pre-pandemic in late 2019 at The Battery, San Francisco, in collaboration with SF Out in Tech. Fast forward to around 19:00 to hear us talk about matchmaking versus dating apps, and 46:00 to watch Tinder's product lead swiftly shut down some shade I accidentally tossed at the OG of swipe apps.

Free membership- by invitation

Singles personally invited by me or my established members may apply for free 1-year match-candidate memberships by joining my network (around $100 at big firms). This means you'll get free introductions  & advice if and when you're a mutual match for priority clients in my network, or in my collaborating matchmakers' networks. 

Payment info not required. 

Please remember to list who referred you.

Do you have amazing single friends who we should consider for free membership?  If you've already been invited yourself,  your referral gets your friends in free

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At my wedding in Ubud, Bali. Fun facts: My spouse is the guy version of one of my closest (girl)friends. He's also 2 years younger than me;  we have just as many differences as we do commonalities; the opposite of what I thought was my "type"; and I couldn't have dreamed up a better partner for myself. I met him on a swipe-app in 2013, before I became a matchmaker, and after an "eventful" dating life in Washington D.C, Raleigh, Atlanta, and San Francisco. Now that I'm happily off-the-market, dating vicariously through my clients has become my favorite part of matchmaking.


From my clients

"She doesn't follow a specific formula or make general assumptions on what she thinks you should like. Instead, she curates matches based on your preferences and values, while striving to understand what that 'x' factor is that draws you to connect with another person on a deeper level."

—  Man, 34, SF

My community


Our typical member is excited to be an equal partner to someone who is as driven, independent, and passionate as they are. 

I have a special passion for helping driven professionals of all genders who want to build equal partnerships.  And bcollaborating with a diversity of other independent providers, we can collaboratively serve many different U.S. cities, LGBTQ+ identities/orientations,  all ages 18+, and other demographic specialities.


Friend referrals are my favorite way to diversify my match network.  Anyone you think highly of is someone I'd be happy to keep in mind for free matches with my paid clients. 

Connect us via email


or have them apply here and remind them to list you as their referrer. 


Pre-pandemic, at Piano Fight, San Francisco,  2018, talking to my SF locals about matchmaking, SF dating culture, and the counterproductive pressures we often put on ourselves in early dating.

Payment info not required. 

Please remember to list who referred you.


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